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am i loveable??

Basic Information
first name: Sarah
age: 14
location (state): NEW JERSEY BIOTCH
music: the postal service
movies: Amelie
food: general chows chicken
Have you ever...
drank alcohol (if so how often): yes every once in a while when i am sad or special stuff going on
smoked: HECK NO!
done drugs (any form): perscriptions drugs yes but weed mary jane stuff heck no
What is your opinion on...
abortion: ITS HORRIBLE. how can someone destroy their own child in their womb!!! i am against it!
marijuana: why do it get a natural high from love or hate or something
under-age smoking/drinking: umm as i said i drink sometimes but smoking is wrong!! its horrible you can die!!!
Other stuff
What does you username mean?: umm some made it for me i didn't have a choice
Describe yourself in 3 words: silly, wonderful, and intelligent
What is the kindest thing you've ever done?: loved people...

thats me

me me me!!!

all done.


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