♥JeNnA♥ (itsxjennax) wrote in love_able_ox,

Basic Information
first name:Jenna
location (state):burlington nj
music: dashboard confessional,beach boys, beetles, the hives, blink 182, billy joel, elton john, afi
movies: grease,meet the parents, 10 things i hate about u, itailin job, shes all that, the sound of music
food:popcorn, pizza, grapes, canalope
Have you ever...
drank alcohol (if so how often):like a sip i was choking
done drugs (any form):no
What is your opinion on...
abortion: i dont thinks its rite to kill someone even if there not born yet.
marijuana: its horrible thing to do..but i wouldnt know that much about it
under-age smoking/drinking: bad becuz when ur underage u get outa control more and in a lot of trouble
Other stuff
What does your username mean?: its my name
Describe yourself in 3 words: funny, outgoing, nice
What is the kindest thing you've ever done?:one time my borther and all his friends were sinking in mudd and i got help for them...they would have died.
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