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Basic Information
first name: Kristen :)
age: 15
location (state): Rochester, MI
music: I LOVE Country.. haha that might sound stupid, but yeah.. i also like rock and pop.
movies: A walk to remember, a cinderella story, the punisher..
food: french onion soup or steak! :)
Have you ever...
drank alcohol (if so how often): i've had sips, but never like a 'full' glass of anything.
smoked: once, but it didn't count bc i was 7 and didn't kno any better. It was just one puff...
done drugs (any form): nope!
What is your opinion on...
abortion: i'm not for it, but i don't think the fate of a women should be in someone else's hands...
marijuana: i think its useless.
under-age smoking/drinking: if you want to fuck your life up, thats your decision, no one else should be able to make the decision for you.
Other stuff
What does you username mean?: i'm truthful.
Describe yourself in 3 words: friendly, cheerful, estatic.
What is the kindest thing you've ever done?: the kindest? hm.. well i felt really good about myself after i donated/visited nursing homes.. the people had no one to talk to so they talked for a LONG time.. idk it just felt really good.

title or description
(( that was me at homecomingg ))

title or description
(( i'm on the left- this is my friend Rachel and I ))

title or description

(( this is us again.. this time i'm on the right ))

sorry my pictures weren't all of 'me'.. i don't usually take pictures of my self. haa :)
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