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Basic Information
first name: Michelle, chelle
age: 15
location (state): Westland MI
music: rock
movies: napoleon dynamite, a walk to remember, a Cinderella story
food: spaghetti, ice cream, tacos
Have you ever...
drank alcohol (if so how often): only once
smoked: no never have never will
done drugs (any form): nope
What is your opinion on...
abortion: I think it is wrong. If you are ready to have unprotected sex you should take responsibility to have a kid.
Marijuana: it is stupid it kills so many brain cells.
Under-age smoking/drinking: I hate when people think they are so cool because they smoke and drink. But really they are dumb for doing it.
Other stuff
What does you username mean?: xc_rocket_cutie it means that I am on varsity cross country and or school mascot is a rocket and people say that I am cute
Describe yourself in 3 words: funny, energetic, caring
What is the kindest thing you've ever done?: I help out with elders and disabled people at my church.


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