CHELSEA.LIKE.WOAH. (31219) wrote in love_able_ox,

Am i loveable???

Basic Information
first name: Chelsea
age: fourteen
location (state): Massachusetts
music: something corporate, jimmy eat world, fall out boy, eminem(only a select few of his songs, but i highly respect him), less than jake, 616(a local band), mest
movies: sleepers, the green mile, now and then, a league of their own, donnie darko, remember the titains
food: mashed potatoes & pancakes. not together though.
Have you ever...
drank alcohol (if so how often): only once a year .. meaning on new years eve. and only a sip.
smoked: once. and ohhhh what a mistake that was. peer pressure sucks. and ive learned my lesson.
done drugs (any form): does tylenol count?
What is your opinion on...
abortion: im totally against it 100%. i understand the rape issue, and i myself would never have an abortion. no matter what the circumstances are. its killing a helpless child, regardless of what happened to you, death is worse. If you are still able to have the baby without endangering yourself, or the unborn child, then you should go through with it. I understand if you were raped, or drugged, or drunk or whatever, but you werent killed.
marijuana: nope. never gonna happen. it gives you impaired judgement and/or could lead to getting pregnant, killing someone, causing harm to someone/yourself. its foul.
under-age smoking/drinking: drinking, like i said, is okay on occasion. just dont abuse it, because it can have the same effects as marijuana. smoking..cigarettes can cause cancer as im sure all of you know. i only did it once, and i never plan on doing it again. everyone in my family, with the acception of my older brother, smokes, and i cannot stand it.
Other stuff
What does you username mean?: 31219 .. it means my initials. C= 3rd letter of the alphabet. L = 12th letter of the alphabet. S = 19th letter of the alphabet.
Describe yourself in 3 words: funny, understanding, insane
What is the kindest thing you've ever done?: my friend Jessica's brother had a muscle issue, and he was on the verge of death. He needed to be in a wheelchair at all times, he couldnt move by himself, and could barely speak. I decided to do a fundraiser to raise money for the organization that helped find a cure, and i donated half of the money to the organization. I gave the other half to him and his family. The next month, he passed away. The fundraiser raised almost 100,000 dollars, and the 50,000 that went to my friend and her family helped pay for his funeral, and what was left over went to the organization. I have never been so happy to help someone .

Pictures! <3

Zee End! <3

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