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Am I loveable ?

Basic Information
first name: Michelle, Mishy.
age:15 =D
location (state):New Jersey
music: blink 182, symphony X, no doubt (old school), kylie minouge (sp?)
movies: corky romano, roman holiday, breakfast at tiffanys, the pianist, ferris buelers day off, donny darko, finding nemo, edward scissorhands
food: sushi =D && pizza
Have you ever...
drank alcohol (if so how often): yes, but its only at family gatherings. little sips. i'm not big on the whole drinking scene.
smoked: tried it and got strep throat after it. NEVER AGAIN.
done drugs (any form): NEVER.
What is your opinion on...
abortion: I'm pro-choice. i dont like it and i dont support it but there is cause behind everything.
marijuana: hey, if you want to lose some brain cells, just hit your head against the wall. theres no point of damaging the rest of your body with something that has no point in life.
under-age smoking/drinking: i hate going to the movies with friends and seeing little 11 year old girls holding ciggarettes. it's disgusting. i have no words for it. and teen drinking? well, theres no reason why teens should be drinking. it's stupid and there is no point in doing it.
Other stuff
What does you username mean?: THE_LOVE
Describe yourself in 3 words: funny, blonde, caring
What is the kindest thing you've ever done?: my good friend once got caught for doing things she wasn't supposed to do. i went over to her house and blamed everything on myself so she wouldnt get into trouble. i sat with her parents and talked to them and told them exactly what happened. she didnt get into trouble for what she did and i, i got a lesson from her parents and she was saved for like 3 years of punishments. i'm one of the type of people where if my friends get into trouble, i'm there to bail them out. i'm always getting into trouble for their mistakes. but i do it because i love them and i would go all out for my friends.


something i like to call "I blend in"

way sad look =/

my brother and I at my cousins sweet 16

♥ ♥
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