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am i lovable?

Basic Information

first name:
location (state):somewhere in texas

music: i love rock music. i grew up listening to it and still continue to enjoy the old classic rock as well as the newer rock. although rock is my first musical passion, it is not my only. i'm a huge bon jovi fan because i am a nerd like that. i also love aerosmith, evanescence, seether, three days grace, nickelback, puddle of mudd, story of the year, rolling stones, and the list goes on.
movies: monty python and the holy grail, office space, pretty in pink, breakfast club, troy, finding nemo, and interview with the vampire, just to name a few.
food: i love all food when i really think about it. but i really enjoy bar-b-que and italian. food is great!
Have you ever...
drank alcohol (if so how often):
yes i have but i really dont do it much. just at small celebrations (like weddings, 4th of july, and new years eve). when i actually think about it, i dont think i really drink at all. may be once every 3 months or so but i dont get drunk. what is the point of drinking yourself stupid?
smoked: i tried it once and i didnt like how it made me feel. my dad smoked from the age of 9 till he was 38 and had a heart attack 6 months after he stopped because of that. so that scared me straight
done drugs (any form):i have witnessed first hand a friend trying to kill herself while she was hyped up on drugs. i never understood what was so "glamorous" about being out of control. because of my friend, i never have and never will do drugs.

What is your opinion on...
that is a sticky subject. no matter what you say, someone will disagree with you. but i figure everyone will want to know anyways. i am pro choice but only to a point. there are some women who use abortion as an easy way out. there are some women who thing that abortion is a form of birth control. i feel both sets of those women are wrong and that is just my opinion.
marijuana:that is a drug....why would i want to support drugs?! if you want to go out and smoke yourself stupid, fine...just dont expect my support. i stopped hanging around people who do that. they are never fun to hang around.
under-age smoking/drinking:that is just disgusting. my lil cousin is 15. she is smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and having sex with everything that walks. i find this aweful. i cant believe what teens are doing now. this statement makes me feel and sound old, but when i was in high school, a lot of the people i knew didnt do as much stuff as what is going on now! it is disgusting and i seriously do not like it

Other stuff
What does you username mean?:
my user name is picked from the internet cartoon big bunny about a big sarcastic pink bunny who lives in the forest out side of the crusty pines executive building complex phase 2. here is the link if you would like to watch it for your self big bunny
Describe yourself in 3 words: friendly, different, goofy
What is the kindest thing you've ever done?:i currently volunteer at a shelter for abused and battered women and children. i usualy do kind things just out of the blue. the latest kind thing i have done, i am letting my friend use my vehical at work and i am taking her back and forth to work because her and her husband only have one car and that one car is dead. he has been working on it for the past week but they dont have the money to get the part for it till she gets paid. i know if we had the money, i would help with that to.


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